Six In The City

Zaheera Vaz

The older structures have more to tell. The colours and textures of their high ceilings, crusty walls, rusty doors and beamy rooms sew time together, telling tales with a dimming dedication and wimpy whisper.

Holes In My Shoes

I resemble everyone 

Crumbs of My Everything-But-Working-Out Playlist

Zaheera Vaz

I always am in need of new music to get me through my week.

Insomnia Has Been Cracking Me Up

Zaheera Vaz

The Kinks were singing A Well Respected Man through my earphones.

And Make No Mistake, Moving Is Living

Yeah, George Clooney said that sometime, somewhere.

♫ All Sounds Christmas ♫

A bunch of festive tunes to add to your playlist this season. I've also added links to their lyrics coz getting the lyrics wrong can be a bit embarrassing. More so if you've been corrected by an 8yr old.