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Yes, it's about that 'You-don't-know-what-you-have-until-it's-gone' feeling.
“Well, you only need the light when it's burning low,
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow,
Only know you love her when you let her go.”
The song aptly describes the regrets of breaking up; letting the right person go -- some of us folks might find it all too familiar. We all take things for granted on a daily basis, thinking that whenever we need something, it will be there. Moreover, the very things that we take for granted are the ones that deserve our gratitude the most. Like --
~  Family (blood or otherwise);
~  Nature;
~  Democracy (Yes, we take it for granted)
~  Dogs (it’s awesome that they care about us as much as they do);
~  Being at the top of the food chain (I’m on my way to work now and I’m not worried about a tiger eating me).
~  Our senses: To see, hear, touch, taste, feel, laugh, love and be loved.
~  The cool side of the pillow.
~  New socks.
~  Any email that lets you know someone cares about you, even if it’s one of those chain emails your aunt sends to the special people in her life.
~  Each other.
~  Good weather. 
~  How awesome is a deep breath? (Unless you're traveling on the Mumbai local's Harbour Line)
~  Working shower, with hot water (you don’t have to go to work with skin that smells like night sweat)

Too many things taken for granted one too many times.

"Let her go" is British singer-songwriter Passenger’s second single from their album All the Little Lights, nominated for the 2014 Brit Awards as the Best Single of the Year.

Passenger had existed as a relatively unknown band for almost 10 years before suddenly topping charts with "Let her go". If you listen to his other tracks from the album, you'll know that Mike "Passenger" Rosenberg's strength is storytelling. There is a certain sense of intimacy to this work of his – it sounds fervent and vulnerable, but with a strength too, as if these are stories were waiting to be told. Take a listen:

"Well I'm sick of this town, this blind man's forage
They take your dreams down and stick them in storage
You can have them back son when you've paid off your mortgage and loans
Oh hell with this place, I'll go it my own way
I'll stick out my thumb and trudge down the highway
Someday someone must be going my way home"

-- Passenger, "Life's for the living"

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