Josef Salvat's ♪ Hustler

Thursday, February 19, 2015 Of Minds And Mixtapes 0 Comments

Scouting for cover versions of recent pop hits, I stumbled upon this male-Lana Del Rey version of one of Rihanna's best known songs "Diamond". Thirty seconds into the track I knew this Salvat guy deserved my attention. Come hear why:

Australian singer and songwriter Josef Salvat is Sia, Peter Gabriel, a little bit of Sting, Florence and the Machine, and of course Lana Del Rey, all rolled into one --- the same emotional punch in the lyrics, the same poise and the same electro sound. I checked out his work on YouTube and was quite impressed with what I found: honest eloquence.

His renditions are indulgent but the lyrics sting. His intelligent song writing skills evident in lines like --
I've bit off more than I could chew
I felt the sting and slap of failure missed my due
Like a hard knife, cutting through a slice
of ego of ambition yeah put me off my mission,
I've been wandering alleys in a dirty shirt,
taking this and that 'cause I had so much hurt,
I'm not plying you with liquor
for you tongue to get a flicker
I just need to tell my story
if you're drunk I'll get done quicker.
Here's his original composition "This Life":

Another one of his songs that I loved is "Hustler".
Now this one is flaming hot!
It’s not easy on my bed sheets, It’s not easy on my nerves is a strong opening by any standards. But he goes on to get intriguingly twisted with You would call me a harlot, you would call me a whore, But see I'm a man now... I got the heart of a hustler, with all the hustlers’ shame; I got the body of a lover, with a masochist’s brain.

Check out "Hustler":